Academic staff

Petr Nachtigall

prof., RNDr., Ph.D.


Lukaš Grajciar

RNDr., Ph.D.


Federico Brivio



Andreas Erlebach



Research topics

Magnetic/Spintronic Materials

24 Jul 2019


  • Computational design of functionalized MXenes
  • Calculation of magnetic, optoelectronic and spintronic properties of MXenes
  • Spin transport via DFTB-non equilibrium Greens function method


Catalytic Layered Materials

24 Jul 2019

  • Layered double hydroxides (LDHs)
  • Layered silicates and clays
  • Intercalated metal nanoparticles
  • Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs)


Metal Organic Frameworks

24 Jul 2019

  • Structure prediction and support of Xray crystallography
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of MOFs

Encapsulated Nanoparticles

24 Jul 2019

  • Ab initio global structure optimisation of clusters in zeolites
  • Modelling of sintering/migration kinetics of encapsulated particles
  • Optical properties of encapsulated quantum dots

Method Development

24 Jul 2019

  • Density functional global optimisation
  • DFT software development and implementation (TURBOMOLE)
  • Microkinetic modelling
  • Neural network/Machine Learning techniques for porous nanomaterials

Zeolite Hydrolysis

24 Jul 2019

  • Ab Initio molecular dynamics/biased dynamics simulations
  • Zeolite hydrolysis mechanisms under realistic conditions
  • Dynamical simulation of NMR spectra

Selected Publications

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