• Department of physical and macromolecular chemistry

    Charles University in Prague.

  • Department of physical and macromolecular chemistry

    Charles University in Prague.

  • Department of physical and macromolecular chemistry

    Charles University in Prague.

General Information

Department of Physical Chemistry was established at the Faculty of Science in 1921 as the first department of physical chemistry in Czechoslovakia. Department was founded by prof. Jaroslav Heyrovský, who was later awarded a Nobel price (1959) for his discovery of polarography (1926). Prof. Hyrovský was a Head of the department until 1952, when he has become a director of newly established Institute of Polarography of the Academy of Sciences.

The research in the department was primarily focused on electrochemistry; other branches of physical chemistry has become popular in 60's. Due to a strong interest in polymer science the department has been renamed to the Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry in 1992. Currently, variety of branches of modern physical chemistry, ranging from experimental to theoretical physical chemistry and chemical physics, biophysical chemistry and macromolecular chemistry, are actively investigated in the department.

More information on the research can be found on the pages of individual research groups.


Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry
Hlavova 8, 12800 Prague 2,
Czech Republic.
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: kfmch@natur.cuni.cz
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List of Seminars

New publication in Nature Communications

Collaborative theoretical-experimental research between Charles University and St Andrews discovers unexpected facile room-temperature hydrolysis pathways in aluminosilicate zeolites.

Seminar: Zeolite Crystal Engineering: A Multiscale Approach

After setting the scene of the current energy and materials transition, I will highlight the challenges facing zeolites in the future. The LCS strategy to meet these challenges, Zeolite Crystal ...

CZ-UK Workshop on Nanomaterials

Czech-British workshop focusing on research, development and application possibilities of nanomaterials will take place in Karolinum, Prague on 22 and 23 October 2019

Molecular Characterization of Polymers

Taihyun Chang

The course by Professor Taihyun Chang will be held on Tuesday 23 April (9:50–11:30) and on Mondays from 29 April to 13 May (14:00–16:30 ...

Seminar: Modelling Ionic liquids. From bulk behavior to supercapacitor applications.

Prof. Christian Holm

13th of March 14:00, in CH4

In the first part of the talk we present an ab initio parametrization scheme for explicitly dipole-polarizable force fields for the simulation of ...

Seminar: AFM in SEM, new approach in microscopy and story of Czech young Spin-off.

Jan Neuman

20th of February 14:00, in CH4

Czech Republic is well known for the development of scientific instrument especially in Electron microscopy field. NenoVision is young Czech spin-off who brought ...

Opening of Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Newly established Electron Microscopy Laboratory is now part of our Faculty. Laboratory is equipped with new JEOL JEM-NEOARM 200F transmission electron microscope.

CUCAM Carolinum opening ceremony

On February 7, 2017 was held at Carolinum opening ceremony of the presentation of the newly established Centre of Excellence at Charles University in the field of material science.